Love Rairdon’s FIAT of Kirkland

floor 2FIAT 500oem-logoPleased to announce our title sponsor: FIAT of Kirkland. Look for them to make a big splash at the opening lap!


We are a “GO”!

Dear Race Participant,

We want to thank you for participating in the Little 150.  The Little 150 is a unique road race possessing a blend of teamwork, road endurance fitness, track racing power, and enjoyment for spectators and racers alike. With deference to the revered Little 500 at Indiana University, we have modified their format because we don’t all enjoy racing in cinder on our friend’s single speed, track bike. That said, the appeal of bonding with some buddies and trying to rip the legs off your competitors is what we are all about at the Little 150. Bring your fastest road bike, a head wired with track racing strategy, a few good teammates and put some hurt on.

This race is supported exclusively by volunteers so please be polite with our volunteers and don’t hesitate to thank them for their assistance in making this race.

In addition to the USA Cycling Rulebook ( you are responsible for reading and following the rules set forth in this race bible.

The following items are of particular importance:

• Safety: This is a unique format and unless you race Madison on the track it might be new to you. Just take care to follow the rules, not hit anyone, and be aware of racers around you  

• Facility: Please take care to clean up the area around your pit. This is a low budget event meaning we don’t have a cleaning crew coming in to pick up after you 

• Helmets: Must be worn and secured at all times while on a bicycle.  

• Course: This is a closed course and a new format. Please be alert and keep your support gear, and spectators well clear of the course

• Exchanges: please read it, be safe

• Team Size: Pick a composition to try to win, pick it to get some training, pick it to challenge yourself, race teams can have multiple teams so race your teammate, mix teams and race with people you normally try to destroy

That said, enjoy the race and I wish you the best of luck!