How will it work?

The Little 150 is a 75 lap (roughly 150 miles) team race with exchanges made via a pit transition. The team that completes the 75 laps first wins the overall. Every team finishes on the winners lap based on their position crossing the finish line. If your team is one or greater laps down than the winner you are still placing based on your lap count and finish position in that lap.

• Primes will be available for each category based on pre-defined laps. For example, retail products or cash may be given away on laps 20, 40, and 60
• Mystery Primes will be given away on the fly. These may not be traditional winner of the lap prizes. For example, racer to close the gap to the lead break win $100.
• Major bragging rights
• You send everyone home a few minutes earlier

Each team will have one racer start on the first lap. This is a mass start composed of all categories (could be up to 100 racers) in the same field. A racer can stay on the course for as long as they desire until they wish to exchange with a teammate. There are no requirements for exchanges or who is exchanged. Basically, your team will have one, and only one, racer on the course at one time. It is a fast lap and well executed exchanges should leave you in the same position.
In all likelihood, the peloton will separate into groups on the course. These groups can be mixed in category. These is no issue with working with someone from another category. There is no issue with collusion on the road. If you are in a break group and you want to discuss both pitting for an exchange on the same lap …. no problem.
If you are lapping other riders there is no issue with drafting others. Likewise, there is no violation for lapped racers sitting in racers ahead of them on the course. But, out of courtesy to those making the race and in the spirit of fair play, we request that you not impeded OR assist riders at the lead of the race or leading the race in their category. Working in rotation is fine, sliding back on the course to assist a friend on another team make better time … not cool.
Race Bible
Teams will utilize the “pit” area of the course which is above the dashed line in the image below (actually Jersey road barriers). For safety, it is very important that you, your gear, tent, trainer, and lawn chairs stay well behind the barriers.
The racer coming off the course will exit the pit lane staying to the right side of the lane maintaining the barriers just on their right. The racer entering the course needs to start in a rolling fashion at the beginning of the pit lane on the course side of the barriers. The racer entering the course is allowed to rocket back onto the course once the exiting racer comes even with any portion of the entering racers bike. This IS NOT a Madison track race so no touching is required or desired. Please no hand slings! There is no requirement for closeness to your teammate, just parallel on the pit road.
By the entering rider being on the left side of the lane and the exiting rider being on the right side of the lane no crossing of any riders is required. This means you will need to communicate you want to exit on the lap prior so your entering rider is ready and starting their rolling start when you return to pit. The entering racer needs to cautiously get on the pit lane (enter on side closest to the finish line) well before your exiting rider approaches. You may not jump the barriers or enter from the exiting end of the barriers. Think of something catchey to communicate you want an exchange on the next lap. Something other than “coming out” as multiple teams yelling this might lead to confusion.
When exiting the course move to the right well prior to the pit exit. Don’t be buried in a group of riders and expect them to let you out to pit. You will need to consciously navigate out of a group in the straight away to make the pit exit. There is no backtracking on the course and you may only enter at the pit entryway. Any violation is an immediate team DQ. If you miss it by a foot or fail to plan ahead just take another lap.
NO dangerous passing of riders is allowed on the off-course, pit section. The order you enter the pit is ideally the order you leave. Dangerous passing is a 2 lap penalty at the sole discretion of the pit official. This applies all the way to entering the main course including the off course, straight away beyond the barriers. Consider it a strategy to pit at a good time.
The pit and exchange process will be reviewed prior to the race. The essentials are to ride straight, predictably, and look over your shoulder.

Those overtaking others on the course should pass on the right. Please stay to the left all the way around the course unless you are passing others. Don’t confuse pulling over to the right as a courtesy, be predictable and stay to the left always (other than exiting for the pit).
Pay particular attention to staying to the left near the pit to avoid congestion with those racers entering/exiting the course.
You know it well, it’s the Tuesday night Pacific Raceway “flat” course. 1.9 miles of soft corners, a wide course where flat out power rocks:

Categories are based on gender (same or combined) and age. If your team is composed of Men and Women you are a combined team. If all your members are over 35 years of age you can be a Masters team. If a minimum of 5 teams are not in a category fields will be combined.
• Men’s Open
• Men’s Masters (all 35+)
• Women’s Open
• Women’s Masters
• Combined All

Racers must be present at the awards ceremony to collect prizes. Promoter reserves the right to change the prize purse and to combine categories.
Prizes will be announced prior to the event with some mystery prizes. We plan to be generous but don’t start training anticipating to quit your day job.
The course is open for warm-up until 9:45am for the pre-race briefing. During the race you can warm up on trainers in the pit or ride off the course.
Is not provided, we recommend having wheels in your pit. You will need to complete the lap to pit for a wheel change or exchange racers
If you have a flat or mechanical you will need to complete the lap via bike or feet, staying out of the way of faster racers. You can exchange racers in the pit or swap wheels or bikes. I will really be disappointed if there are not some impressive pit setups … couches, big screens, let’s see it


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