Team Size?

I have been asked by several people how big a team do I need or how big can it be?


Well, its in the race bible but to save some time. 1 or more, 4 is the sweet spot! You can have 8 if you want. You can do it solo. If you want over 8, talk to me and we’ll find a way to make it work



We have chips!


Not those … helmet timing chips! Your team will have coupled timing chips for scoring. Hopefully we’ll also get individual laps times as well. You will get real time scoring on a digital leaderboard as you cross the line





We now have music for the pit area! You can trust me to pick a good playlist (not recommended), make a request, or bring you own i____ music playlist and sub in your device. Make your request now and i’ll order your tunes and add them in!

Jimmy Johnson's pit crew